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Thomas Holm Møller


Partner working throughout his career in the intersection between technology and business strategy, and the last many years in a multi-disciplinary setting in collaboration with anthropologists, sociologists, data scientists and business designers. Following MBA studies at Stern School of Business in New York, Thomas worked for Accenture, joined the digital agency Valtech, before co-founding QVARTZ in 2002.
Thomas focuses on how shifts in technology, globalization and consumer behavior impact traditional business models. Through his passion for the new age of consumerism and the marriage of human science and new technologies as a way resolve imperfections in markets and industries, Thomas has pioneered multiple corporate ventures into new domains – from digital solutions for major financial institutions, to the transformation of mobility operators, to omni-channel and customer experience for consumer retail providers.
Thomas is Chairman of a consumer fashion retail company, and sits on the Board of Directors of a Norwegian investment management company.