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We leverage the world of EY to compliment our top-tier strategy thinking with unique insights developed by leading thinkers around the world – all accelerated through a set of proprietary platforms to accelerate change, growth and innovation
– Jakob Wedel, Co-founder and Partner of EYBOX

Design thinking

Design thinking shaping digital change

EY combines deep customer and commercial insight with leading edge design and digital capabilities to successfully manage digital change and improve customer experiences. With Etventure and EY Seren, EY is at the forefront in its solution offerings of design thinking. Collectively they help clients establish new customer-centric digital business models fast with an entrepreneurial mindset in implementation.

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EY Cognistreamer

Next-gen innovation management software

Innovation through collaboration. CogniStreamer helps capturing, reviewing & enriching ideas towards tangible MVPs to accelerate and grow business. CogniStreamer is a state-of-the-art collaborative innovation tool, which guides clients with dedicated workshops and proactive coaching towards a strong self-supporting community

EY FutureConsumer.Now

Which future consumer are you designing for?

Technology is transforming the lives of consumers. With FutureConsumer.Now, EY is testing assumptions about the years ahead. What will consumers value? Which role might business play? How might people shop, play and work? FutureConsumer.Now is a comprehensive end-consumer research program with viewpoints on alternative future worlds.

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EY Digital

Digital from every angle

EY Digital helps companies thrive in the transformative age by refreshing themselves constantly, experimenting with new ideas and scaling successes. From digital strategy and transformation, AI & blockchain consulting services to connected capital technologies and supply chain reinvention – EY digital supports corporates and startups in navigating the transformative age through diverse teams and alliances connected across the whole business ecosystem. The depth and breadth of capability means EY can affect change from every angle, enhancing the potential of workforces, customers and stakeholders.

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EY Megatrends

Seize the upside of disruption

Helping clients apply a peripheral vision by scanning megatrends from unexpected sources across globalization, demographics and technology to focus narrowly and with targeted strategic responses

EY Growth

Growth for a better working world

The pace of change has never been faster. Tomorrow belongs to those who can reshape their performance, reimagine their ecosystem and reinvent themselves to drive growth. Analyzing business challenges from every angle, EY works with you to provide strategic, commercial, financial, operational, tax, legal and regulatory advice to unlock your full potential

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