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Andreas Aabo


  • andreas.aabo@dk.ey.com
  • +45 25 29 42 69
Andreas is a recent engineering graduate from the Technical University of Denmark with a special focus on product development, innovation and management. Alongside his studies, he has worked within the corporate management team at Haldor Topsoe, founded a small consultancy firm as well as published papers on management theory while teaching classes at the university level. Andreas has been a part of the global forefront of entrepreneurship and received multiple international awards for pioneering with running various projects.
At EYBOX, Andreas is pursuing his passion for technology, management and innovation through projects mostly related to radical changes in industries. Andreas is further associated with the formation of EY´s innovation center; wavespace. Where he´s role is to connect and utilizes EY´s state of the art capabilities and innovations in order to radically furthering the projects.