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A global outlook on AI

In 2018, Microsoft and EYBOX teamed up to hear what top executives had to say about the state of AI in their companies. We crystalized our insights from these discussions in the Artificial Intelligence Study, the most extensive outlook on AI to date, covering 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (press release). Recognizing the value of a truly global perspective on AI, we are responding to demand by developing new editions covering China and other global regions.

The unprecedented executives’ insights from the study help to demystify AI and give a deeper understanding of what companies are actually doing to reap its benefits. Multiple global news outlets like Forbes and CNN have covered the reports that continue to serve as benchmark for businesses across all industries.

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a changing

Casper Brorsen – Nilfisk

Sophisticated customers

A digital everyday

The sophistication of customer demands rise exponentially with digital innovation, and Nilfisk customers are not merely looking for products, but instead solution partners who co-innovate and co-create leading intelligent cleaning services. Digital must permeate processes end-to-end, all the way from improving timing of deals and services to solutions utilizing big data and robotics for efficiently managing operations. Nilfisk has already introduced its autonomous scrubber ‘Liberty’, collaborating with three of the world’s largest facility providers, while the partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics is driving intelligent leadership.

“We need to drive value from connectivity while being a leader within autonomous …”

– Casper Brorsen, SVP

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Going Next

Ain’t no boiling frog

Nilfisk’s vision stands on three core pillars, namely that the company wants to be global, a solutions partner and lastly take digital leadership. Easier said than done. Nilfisk Next is the dynamic strategy. A dual transformation split into four actions, if you will – it is about driving the core business to peak profitability while building the future of cleaning. Next will harmonize, simplify and standardize global processes to drive leverage. Next will drive organic growth, supporting both existing and new areas and optimizing go-to-market. Next will optimize the business’ digital tools, with a focus on internal processes and the two new growth engines, servitization and autonomous. The fourth and last element of Nilfisk Next is a critical one, since it relates to the strategy activation, for which success is highly dependent on alignment and broad-based organizational buy-in.

“Nilfisk Next is about taking
an ambition and bringing it in to execution mode”

– Casper Brorsen, SVP

Activation strategy

Transforming the townhall

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