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The M&A agenda is evolving together with business environment of corporates and investors. The proactive M&A teams of tomorrow will support transformative bets by adding new digital assets and technological capabilities to the mix through transactions. This requires PEs, CFOs and corporate M&A teams to move beyond synergy exploitation, integration and market consolidation to support transformative bets
– Nicolai Strate, Co-founder and Partner of EYBOX

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Seeing through the smoke and mirrors

Getting a clear read on relevant players in new technology and digital domains is a daunting task for most M&A teams. To support transformative bets, M&A teams need to become proactive supporters of innovation through transactions. The traditional M&A radar needs a new dimension, as M&A teams will be required to systematically scout for potential targets in unknown domains to fast-track innovation.

EYBOX helps M&A teams see through the smoke and mirrors of the technology and digital domains. We compile global targets – enabled by a unique proprietary technology platform called Embryonic. We screen targets and insightfully outline the purpose-fitness. We help M&A get smart about transactions in new domains.


Adding new tech to the mix, smartly

To address the now, next, and beyond, corporates must start to add new digital assets and technological capabilities to their business mix. The traditional M&A playbook often comes up short and M&A teams are consequently faced with a new set of problems in the transaction process that they struggle to solve.

EYBOX helps M&A teams get smart about adding new tech and digital capabilities to the mix and help developing and implementing digitally enabled operating models. We define the M&A playbook fit for tech and digital transactions and leverage digital tools to build efficiency or effectiveness throughout the full transaction lifecycle. All while deploying global best-practices to realize and protect the full deal.

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Changing the corporate story

EYBOX helped a global industrial products producer to plan integration and develop the going-in integration hypothesis and target operating model during the due diligence phase. We helped with refining the integration model between signing and close, and developing a first year integration strategy together with the combined management group, and supported the integration dialogue and integration process after close.

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Digital & Data Transformation

Searching for new digital business models to tap into and new data-driven services is a new paradigm for most executives. Getting a clear line of sight on how to digitize your business, monetize data, and seize the opportunities is the starting point.

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Innovation Realized

For innovation efforts to be worthwhile, they need to be as radical as the world outside. Innovation cannot happen in isolation and requires multidisciplinary practices and open ecosystems to be bankable.

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Growth Ventures

Turning ideas into viable, sustainable businesses requires working effectively in corporate-start-up formations and blitz-scaling of new ventures. A discipline of rapid prototyping, testing and fast deployment.