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In today’s hypergrowth economy, innovation must be part of the strategy mix. It cannot stay on the outskirts of the business model. To make innovation bankable, it needs to become a centerpiece of any growth agenda.
– Thomas Holm Møller, Co-founder and Partner of EYBOX

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Starting in the future

With rapid, exponential change as the new status quo, it is essential for executives to challenge long-held assumptions and explore how to create value in a different future. It all starts with a clear innovation strategy.

EYBOX’s approach is to move away from baselines of past performance and instead form plausible futures on the back of major primary forces and megatrends. From plausible futures we work our way backwards to the present and drive strategic choices today – all building the competitive advantage for the future.

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How do you become
future relevant, today?

Rasmus Calmann-Hinke – Innovation Realized


Embedding innovation as practice

To search for tomorrow’s business while executing on the existing requires a clear innovation strategy. To make it bankable, innovation efforts must become embedded across organizations – not left to a group of the few sitting on the outskirts of the business.

EYBOX’s approach is to define the architecture for innovation. We build the setup needed to drive innovation, incl. governance, funding, portfolio management, and more. We also set up the innovation practice. We define the ways of working with innovation management and the playbook for innovation, incl. the process and the enablers. We manage cultural shifts and mobilize talent around innovation efforts.

All in the interest of accelerating, orchestrating and monetizing innovation more efficiently in a different future.

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Bridging different worlds for mutual benefit

EYBOX believes the future will be built on ecosystems. Corporates have for years looked to the startup scene for inspiration on how to do things differently. Whether it comes down to fast-tracking R&D, blitz-scaling ventures, building the highest performing teams, or how to employ new agile ways of working, the startup scene has been the place to look. On the other hand, startups are looking to team up with corporates to gain access to new capabilities, channels, funding, and more.

EYBOX applies a structured approach to partnership formation and ecosystem build-out. We bridge worlds and connect corporates, founders, investors and thought leaders to tackle and solve the bigger issues.


Explore our other services

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Digital & Data Transformation

Searching for new digital business models to tap into and new data-driven services is a new paradigm for most executives. Getting a clear line of sight on how to digitize your business, monetize data, and seize the opportunities is the starting point.

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Growth Ventures

Turning ideas into viable, sustainable businesses requires working effectively in corporate-start-up formations and blitz-scaling of new ventures. A discipline of rapid prototyping, testing and fast deployment.

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Tech Transactions

Acquiring new tech and digital assets requires a different M&A playbook. From where to scout, how to drive due diligence to protecting deal-value and realize synergies post transaction.  A new discipline that demands a refresh approach to M&A.