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The winners of the discontinuous world are those that excel in three areas: 1) optimizing and driving today’s business to peak profitability, 2) releasing old practices and beliefs to make space for renewal, and 3) creating new growth engines
– Jakob Wedel, Co-founder and Partner of EYBOX

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Starting from scratch, rapidly

In a discontinuous world, it is critical to move quickly. Corporates have to accept the absence of a crystal clear growth strategy and the ‘perfect plan’ to seize emerging opportunities. We work together with corporate venture teams to rapidly build new businesses and launch them as ring-fenced corporate ventures operating in startup mode.

EYBOX’s approach is to start ‘backwards’ with immersive ideation sessions with the aim to surface exciting prototypes. We mobilize multi-disciplinary teams that work in iterative and rapid development loops – always testing the solution with customers. We help launch the new venture to help corporates become future-relevant, today.

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Creating new growth
engines fit for tomorrow

Rasmus Calmann-Hinke – Innovation Realized


Scaling new ventures with confidence

Today, change is accelerating. This will also be true tomorrow. Corporates exploring opportunity spaces outside their core business need to reconfigure not just how they work to develop new ventures, but also how they scale new products, services, and business models. We believe corporates need to go into startup mode to blitz scale new ventures and reduce lead time from idea to market share.

EYBOX helps corporate venture teams scale new businesses with confidence. We build a clear line of sight and a roadmap to guide the ‘perfect fire-fighting mode’ needed to scale. We help corporates get bigger by acting smaller.

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Co-investing in new business building

The future will be built on ecosystems and corporates, founders, investors, strategists, and thought leaders joining forces in new exciting formations.

Today, EYBOX is chartered to stay at the forefront of innovation with the purpose of helping executives navigate and succeed in the discontinuous world. In the future, EYBOX will put skin-in-the-game and build, launch and scale new ventures together with leading corporates and founders. We will move from pure-play consulting to co-create, co-finance, and co-operate new, purposeful ventures.


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Digital & Data Transformation

Searching for new digital business models to tap into and new data-driven services is a new paradigm for most executives. Getting a clear line of sight on how to digitize your business, monetize data, and seize the opportunities is the starting point.

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Innovation Realized

For innovation efforts to be worth while, they need to be as radical as the world outside. Innovation cannot happen in isolation and requires multidisciplinary practices and open ecosystems to be bankable.

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Tech Transactions

Acquiring new tech and digital assets requires a different M&A playbook. From where to scout, how to drive due diligence to protecting deal-value and realize synergies post transaction.  A new discipline that demands a refresh approach to M&A.