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In today’s digital economy, executives need to adopt a two-mode strategy. It’s a balancing act between staying in your performance zone while searching for and executing a few bets in the transformation and innovation zones.
– Jakob Wedel, Co-founder and Partner of EYBOX

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Igniting the digital transformation

Change is rapid and exponential, industries converge, new technologies are emerging, and new business models surface to turn yesterday’s winners into tomorrow’s losers. The need to get clever about how to leverage data and technology to transform business has never been more critical or pronounced.

EYBOX’s approach is to shape the plausible futures through a lens of changing customer needs, emerging ecosystem trends, and domain-specific tech exploration. We collectively form digital beliefs despite a world of uncertainty, and a set of prioritized digital themes and initiatives. It all leads to year-on-year digital objectives, investments, and digital execution roadmaps.

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Driving strategy
activation in a new world

Jakob Wedel – Digital and Data Transformation


Using data to tap into new service spaces

With the advent of IoT, the number of data points produced has increases dramatically over the last years – and is set to explode in the years to come. Empowered by the explosion of data, new opportunities surface for providing data-driven services – virtually across all industries. A shift is happening from product-focused offerings towards business outcomes with data-driven servitization as the centerpiece.

EYBOX’s approach is to understand the drivers of customer value and use these insights to develop new services, solutions or business models that leverage data to create new streams of revenue and business value. We operationalize data monetization by developing data models, architecture, blueprints, governance – all the elements needed for solid data management.

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Purposefully leveraging technology

Today, new technologies emerge at an increasing pace – all opening new avenues to optimize business operations and create enhanced customer experiences. The promise of AI as a driver of transformational change is particularly persuasive, but most corporates struggle to reap the full benefits of new tech.

EYBOX’s approach is to take the starting point in the business and its key objectives rather than getting lost in the appealing use cases of emerging technologies. Understanding the desired business outcomes enables us to get smart about how corporates can leverage AI and other promising, emerging technologies to optimize their business operations, while at the same time creating a digital front-end to deliver experiences customers cannot imagine living without.

Digital and data transformation – case in point

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Innovation Realized

For innovation efforts to be worthwhile, they need to be as radical as the world outside. Innovation cannot happen in isolation and requires multidisciplinary practices and open ecosystems to be bankable.

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Growth Ventures

Turning ideas into viable, sustainable businesses requires working effectively in corporate-start-up formations and blitz-scaling of new ventures. A discipline of rapid prototyping, testing and fast deployment.

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Tech Transactions

Acquiring new tech and digital assets requires a different M&A playbook. From where to scout, how to drive due diligence to protecting deal-value and realize synergies post transaction.  A new discipline that demands a refresh approach to M&A.