Drive creative problem solving

As part of our NewStrategy approach, we embrace new perspectives and heavily draw on creative minds and behavioral and social sciences. We pair structured problem solving with creativity to remain bold, holistic and unconstrained in our way of thinking. Simply put, creativity is needed to lead at the forefront of innovation and answer the most novel questions from executives.

We welcome creative thinkers

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Data-driven problem solvers

Tackle and solve through insights

EYBOX looks towards the future instead of to the past. While the data points are different, the ability to structure and analyze data to create novel insights remains the same. We are business-minded, data-driven problem solvers who turn data into insights to help executives navigate and succeed in a discontinuous world.

We welcome data-driven problem-solvers

Tech savvy strategists

Explore what’s next after next

Understanding emerging technologies is one thing. Another thing is to grasp how tech advancements create new opportunities for executives to seize new profit pools and drive their organization to the peak of its profitability. We are tech savvy strategists in high demand, as executives struggle to get a clear read on how to tech-enable their business, monetize data and enter the next era of value creation.

We welcome tech savvy strategists

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Students and recent graduates

Are you our next Junior Consultant?

Become part of our team of business catalysts and support and enable our consultants with structured problem-solving, research and production of high-quality client material. You will get exposure to strategy projects spanning various industries, while working in exciting formations to support real client projects, proposals and non-client related work. We give you a dedicated counsellor to support you and ensure that you grow as a person and as a professional.