Innovation Architecture

Making innovation bankable. We work with senior executives and their teams to move them forward in the innovation process with confidence. From setting innovation intent to designing workable architectures and thriving ecosystems, to the creation of a new viable market offerings.


Innovation takes multiple forms and shapes. Adjacent or transformative. Buy or build. Mode 1 or 2. Garage or factory. Lab or accelerator. Focusing on making it a repetitive and reliable process and a key part of the strategy mix.


Meaningful differentiation

After years of excellence in their hardware based business, a global camera manufacturer realized that their camera business would become significant challenged without an accompanying play in software and connected solutions. Hardware after all is a low-margin business at risk of commoditization.

It was time to get into the software game as a catalyst for a supplementary and new way of doing business with their enormous global base of customers. Their response was a strategic entry into the field of Network Video Surveillance through a series of multi-billion acquisitions and a rigorous innovation approach to leverage the new assets in a joint offering – followed by a new venture setup to explore fully the new tech and market opportunities.

“IIn today’s hypergrowth economy, innovation must be part of the strategy mix. But for these to efforts to be worth the while, they need to as radical as the world outside.”


– Thomas Holm Møller, Partner


Digital innovation factory

A Danish insurance leader set up a digital innovation factory as a bold and transformative move to drive innovation from within. True to the company’s DNA of delivering superior customer experiences through a simple, intuitive and transparent product portfolio, the innovation factory was deliberately established as an internal factory.

A team leveraging new ways of working inspired by the world of start-ups, producing a stream of new digital product and services leveraging a carefully crafted ecosystem of partners and customers. Today, the insurance company is one of the fastest growing in the Danish market.


Disrupting your own category

An international tobacco giant made a significant bet a few years back. A multi-billion dollar R&D investment to disrupt their own category. Increasingly under pressure from toughening regulation, taxation and smoking bans around the world, they charged themselves to introduce a new innovative category of risk-reduced products. They developed iQOS.

Once tested and approved they took another bet to maximize their chances of a successful commercialization. They took the road less traveled and decided on a commercialization approach unprecedented in the tobacco industry before.

A digital first, product-as-a-service model with a digital distribution infrastructure, deep and profound anthropological consumer studies and a city-centric diffusion approach, converting users one by one, city by city, subscription by subscription.


Championing an industry

When some foresighted institutions in the Danish financial sector made the decision to establish Copenhagen as one of the leading innovation hubs in the global fintech sector it happened through an uneven alliance with investments from the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Finance Association, FinanceDenmark and a range of corporate sponsors and partners.

Their vision is as simple as their task is complex. To form a growing innovation ecosystem supporting the next era of technology-led corporate and start-up innovators, fostering innovation and incubating new financial businesses.

4 months later, multiple Danish fintech start-ups where working in the CPH Fintech Lab and with most major members of the Danish financial community in Denmark – from banks, pension- and insurance companies to leading technology and consulting firms –either sponsoring or partnering with what has since become the booming CPH FinTech innovation network, lab and community with global reach.