Digital Transformation

Digital first! When igniting digital transformation we collaborate with data scientists, technology experts, and digital natives to move fast from strategic intent to transformative impact.


Our method centers on shaping the plausible futures through a lens of changing customer needs, emerging ecosystem trends, and domain specific tech exploration. Based on this we zoom in with our clients’ executive teams to align on a set of digital beliefs despite a world of uncertainty, and a set of prioritized digital themes and initiatives.


Ultimately leading to year-on-year digital objectives and digital execution roadmaps to build the necessary capabilities across digital leadership, organisational structure, governance, skills and ways of working, and technology platform.


Personalized relationships

We have supported several incumbent market leaders in igniting their digital journey from the core of their businesses – to digitize customer interactions, automating business processes, empowering innovation via computational R&D and collaboration tools, as well as building new data driven products and services.

In the case of a large airline operator, this involved reimagining the membership program by applying digital technology to strengthen loyalty and find new ways to leverage the relationship to millions of members.

Using beacons and other advanced technologies to capture data across the customer journey, converting data to insights, and responding with personalized services to individual members – and crew members – are in the process of transforming the airline into a first-tier technology platform that taps into revenue streams far beyond those being monetized today.

“We need new management concepts and ways of thinking about our organizational models to match the digital era of the twenty-first century”


— Nicolai Strate, Partner


FinTech or WealthTech?

Few sectors feel the heat from technology newcomers as much as the financial. In the case of a leading pension provider, digital is treated as significant opportunity to enable the company’s inroads into the direct-to-consumer market space and expand the reach far beyond what has been possible with the physical advisor corps.

Digital solutions and platforms are being laid as a foundation for activating customers through appealing experiences, proactive communication, customized offerings, and engaging self-service facilities, thereby strengthening relationships and the ability to capture a larger slice of their end customers’ full investment potential than previously.