Meet current and former labsters

A collaborative workspace

Have a closer look at the melting pot of corporate innovation teams, founders and growth-stage investors situated at our Copenhagen location. Together we make the Co-lab a learning ground beyond the ordinary.

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For founders by founders

The Nordics is the biggest unicorn factory per GDP in the world and the startup communities across the Nordic countries are some of the fastest growing worldwide. As more and more promising startups are incubated in the Nordics, the need not only for financing, but especially operational guidance and prior startup experience to address a global market is rapidly increasing.

First time fund; but years of experience – introducing byFounders; founded by Eric Lagier & Tommy Andersen, two successful tech entrepreneurs with a decade of experience starting and building internationally renowned companies.

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Digitizing agricultural commodity trading

Commoditrader is a digital trading platform enabling direct and efficient trading of agricultural commodities. It provides instant insights for covering positions at transparent market prices, trading directly with other market actors, both locally and across borders.

Commoditrader is the newest add-on to our vibrant Co-lab. Founded by Julie Boesen and Julie Karl Koch Fahler, who back in 2016 envisioned transforming how the farming industry connects and trades across borders.

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Everyone’s private driver

Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or towards their dreams. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. What started as a way to tap a button to get a ride has led to billions of moments of human connection as people around the world go all kinds of places in all kinds of ways with the help of our technology.

UBER worked out of the Co-lab to develop and execute on public affair strategies in all their operational Nordic countries.

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Simple Feast

SimpleFeast works out of the Co-lab to build and scale their food-tech company focused on the latest R&D within organic, plant-based nutrition that sets out to improve the way we experience and conveniently consume fresh, delicious and healthy food. SimpleFeast current employs 19 people and was launch commercially in March 2017.

SimpleFeast is founded by a team headed by Jakob Jønck, former co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Endomondo and Head of International Operations, MyFitnessPal, both exited to UnderArmour in 2015.

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Magnesium Capital

Magnesium Capital is a euro-centric private equity firm based in London focused on mid-market buy-outs and growth equity investments in technology and tech-enabled services for the energy sector.

Alfonso Vasquez drives the Nordic arena as a principal responsible for origination, structuring and execution of investments within the Power and Renewables team, focusing on Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Power, Oilfield Technologies and Water and Waste.

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Start Up Guide Everywhere

The Startup Guide is The Entrepreneur’s Handbook and essential reading for anyone interested in starting up a business, whether they’re new to a city, new to the startup scene, or seasoned business people starting all over again.

Today, startup guides are available for great startup cities across Europe with more and more guides and tools being launched as the founders community becomes an ever more integrated part of the established business systems of larger cities.

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Trends Online has become TechSavvy. The preferred Nordic media for keeping track of what’s cooking in the startup scene, the corporate innovation community and not least the VC and angel environment.

TechSavvy’s corps of journalists are residents in our co-lab creating a direct line of sight to the startup action around us and helping other members of our growing community of new businesses reach the broader audience.

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Volcano is a cultural business development company. Volcano works with funds and donors to find new ways of supporting cultural and social projects and ensure solid exit strategies for the projects after the funding period.

Volcano is currently building a creative powerhouse in Los Angeles, where Nordic and US artists and creative business people connect, work and inspire each other. Co/Nord will provide the only creative soft-landing workspace in LA for citizens of Nordic countries, and will be a leading launchpad for Nordic art, music, fashion, food, design and businesses.