Feeding the future

Welcome to the frontpage Jakob Jønck! Our fellow labsters from Simple Feast are shaping the future of food through sustainable innovation and technology. The visionary entrepreneurs are delivering delicious vegetarian meal boxes directly to your front door.

A warm welcome to Zaida

Growing the box from within! EYBOX is delighted to present yet another talented consultant, Zaida Bericat, who has been working with EY while finishing her Master’s in business in Copenhagen.

Good to have you, Roar!

EYBOX is growing at a quick pace as diverse talents make their entry. We are delighted to present a new consultant, Roar Knüppel, who is an entrepreneurial strategist with experience from both top-tier consulting and his own start-up.

Welcoming TechSavvy Media to our Co-lab

Being a Launchpad for tomorrow’s businesses, the EYBOX Co-Lab is certainly happy to welcome TechSavvy. Find out more about the Danish tech media platform

Navigating in a discontinuous,  non-linear world

With rapid, exponential change as the new status quo, it is essential for executives to challenge long-held assumptions and explore how to create value in a different future. It all starts with a clear innovation strategy.

Not just buzz! What does it actually take to succeed in a digital era?

Our very own Thomas Holm Møller breaks the buzzin’ and shares his contributing view on what it takes for companies to succeed in a digital area!