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Appetite for value creation

With the rise of digital technology, the investor playbook is changing. A new set of value creation levers is now available for investors to transform, grow and innovate with higher speed and precision. We partner with private equity firms, family offices and VCs to drive value through technology-led transformation.

Our team has collectively supported more than 100 deals the past decade. We use this profound understanding of the investment lifecycle to help drive value creation through technology, automation and digitalization.


Understanding the (digital) value potential

With more than 100 due diligence and pre-deal support processes under our belt, we have developed a strong methodology and approach to undertaking high quality due diligence processes.

We help our partners investigate the target’s commercial stronghold and risk profile, innovation potential, and technological and digital transformation potential.

In close collaboration with prospective investors and other pre-deal advisors we lay the foundation for a successful investment decision and help validate the management case, also with an eye to the potential for leveraging the power of data, automation and digital to catalyze the value creation.

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Exiting in
a new era

Looking at the exit history of the last 3 to 5 years, it is evident that what was once called an “industrial exit” is now harder than ever to predict. We are witnessing cross-sectorial buy-outs, hardware moving into software, OEMs buying services, bricks buying bits.

Exits have moved from foreseeable and planned to surprising and unexpected. To drive valuation multiples every candidate must document their continued value creation potential, as well as the quality of their innovation pipeline, and the strengths of the digital core and technology assets.

We work with investors to prepare exit candidates’ innovation platforms and pipelines and demonstrate their digital business model. These roadmaps and proof-points provide specific direction for driving growth post-acquisition, leading to a higher valuation at exit.

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Portfolio innovation

We offer investors to work as their long-term co-development partner in developing profitable portfolios, innovative business models, and improve investment performance through technology and data. We believe that investors can benefit by adopting some of the working practices that have proven successful in the start-up community – lean start-up, design sprints and agile development. Every innovation or improvement idea must be designed to impact growth or margins within 12-18 months.
By activating our global crowd of experts and partners we can orchestrate the full set of capabilities and delivery capacity to drive investments to successful outcomes throughout the hold period.

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