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Thomas Holm Møller


“In the hyper-growth digital economy we need to adopt a two-mode strategy. It’s a balancing act between staying in your performance zone while searching for and executing a few bets in the transformation and innovation zones”

Partner with extensive commercial strategy experience having delivered intriguing projects in collaboration with anthropologists, sociologists, data scientists and business designers in the past 15 years. Following MBA studies in New York, Thomas worked for Accenture, joined the digital agency Valtech, before co-founding QVARTZ in 2002 and BOX Associates in 2017.

For the last decade, Thomas has focused on how shifts in consumer behavior impact traditional business models. Through his passion for the new age of consumerism, and the marriage of business science with human science and technology as a way to leverage new market opportunities, Thomas has pioneered multiple corporate ventures into new domains. His industry focus extends from major financial institutions, to airline operators, the food sector, over the transformation of consumer retailers’ journey from omni-channel to truly digitally enabled consumer engagement and subscription based businesses.

Thomas has chaired the Board for several entrepreneurial growth-stage businesses prior to joining EY. He has authored perspectives on the importance of incorporating innovation, technology and human science into Boards, and has authored the Digital Transformation Report 2017 commissioned by Microsoft.