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New Venture Growth

Navigating ambiguity

We explore the future by visiting outlying customer groups, untouched territories and emerging segments. We understand the big picture, but pay attention to the small things. To see the future, today.

When partnering with leading clients we help answer a new set of questions: How do we see what’s next in our industry? What are the blind spots in our current strategy? And how do we scale with confidence once we have a proposition with the potential to break into new segment and markets?

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Entering clinical DX

A world-leading US-based lab instrumentation supplier found their growth stagnating and their margins under pressure from heated global rivalry and reduced government research spending.

They saw an opportunity in clinical diagnostics to leverage their innovative technologies across the research-clinical continuum and acquired a private equity owned cancer diagnostics company.

Several acquisitions and big-data diagnostics innovations later, the combined company is today one of the global leaders in diagnosing and treating cancer and constitutional diseases with an attractive recurring revenue model.

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From OEM to MRO

A few years back an aviation giant made a bold move into uncharted territory. Having specialized in manufacturing some of the world’s finest aircrafts and operated a global network of tier 1 OEMs, they entered a new growth domain through a careful acquisition of one of the world’s leading materials management businesses.

Through its acquisition, they secured access to a new source of revenue and an opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing global MRO industry. By integrating the superior logistic and smart spare parts systems with the global base of customers, the aviation company followed the heel of a major competitor and rose to becoming a major MRO outsourcing and business process integrator.


Scaling with confidence

Our team has worked extensively with founders to shape their equity story, lay a fact-based foundation for accelerated growth, configured their commercial engines, and supported them in every step of the financial transaction process – from dialogue to deal.

This includes Planday, a Nordic-based tech-innovators backed by international venture capital who recently launched their Scale with Confidence plan which will catapult the company into the future of shift planning.

Metabolon is a world leader and pioneer in Metabolomics, and ready to commercialize and apply its bioinformatics and big data analytics platform to deliver breakthroughs in precision medicine and consumer digital health solutions at scale.

Or meet Leaptest, the world’s first test and process automation tool that doesn’t require coding and sophisticated understanding to build complex automation cases. A multi-billion dollar market growing endlessly and double-digit from the rise of ever more web, mobile and desk applications being developed all over the world. And as the world turns digital and applications become the heartland of any enterprise, automation grows in volume and importance.

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Wind to fortune 500

A global leader in renewable energy was early to spot the emerging interest among corporate buyers and investors in renewable energy. A way for companies to offset their carbon footprint while gaining a capital return and hedging their cost of energy. It required one thing. Market creation.

They launched a new global consumer label, built a Consumer Renewable Energy Index (CREX) in collaboration with Bloomberg, and formed the strategy targeting a pioneering segment around the world. Today, large BtC and BtB corporations with an appetite for investing directly in renewable energy generation is a significant global source of growth for the company and sector overall.

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