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Jakob Wedel


“We need new management concepts and ways of thinking about our organizational models to match the digital era of the twenty-first century”

Jakob has spent his career in top-tier strategy consulting. The last 15 years as a Partner with a focus on growth, innovation and corporate ventures. He has learned his tradecraft during his early career days with PwC and McKinsey after which he co-founded QVARTZ in 2002 and later 42 which was acquired by Monitor Deloitte in 2015.

Jakob serves as growth and innovation advisor to large corporate players in the Nordics and has over the years extended his work to major clients in the US. Throughout his career Jakob has served clients on their most mission critical growth programs, strategic acquisitions and corporate ventures. In the past 5 years Jakob has specialized in smart corporate-start-up collaborations predominantly in the life-science and technology sectors. In this capacity, he has served as an advisor to and board member of several Nordic and US tech-based companies.

Jakob is recognized as a creative strategist with strong problem-solving and conceptualization skills. He has published two books on business transformation and business development management and is currently taking the helm on building a global #NewStrategy community with an intent of jointly writing the narrative with corporate strategists and tech-savvy entrepreneurs.